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What I have been up to lately

Have a had a busy summer horse showing, taking photos and traveling. Additionally, I finally got moving on my new office. I have had the Airstream itself for a while, but had some work done on it, got put on the back burner, had complete indecision about where it should live, but finally got going.

So now it has its own parking spot! I haven’t got quite set up there yet but am almost there… Here is a video tour!

Little Everglades 2013

Sunshine State 2013

Vet Check Day at Kentucky Classic



Kanga is my Welsh Section B filly foaled August 1, 2012. Her sire is Fox Cry Whinny the Pooh and her mom is our mare Vanna (Cllynncopa Vanity Fair). Kanga we think is palomino, although her coat is going through some weird phases!

Kabam and Grover

Kabam and Grover are a father and son pair of German Riding Ponies, owned by Miranda Cadwell and Tremont Farm.




Aiken Trials

The Aiken Trials is the first leg of Aiken’s Triple Crown. The Aiken Trials is flat racing for the horses working out of Aiken’s Training Track and is a very popular tailgating event in Aiken. It was interesting to watch the babies race, some of them clearly did not want to be in the starting gate. The Aiken Steeplechase and Aiken Polo make up the other two legs of the triple crown in Aiken. You can read more about the Aiken Trials here



My Trip to Texas



After the driving event in Ocala, I flew to Texas to visit family. My father lives in a very pretty area of Texas with huge oak trees. I am a little obsessed with the way the branches look in winter/early spring.. They are sort of skeletal and other worldly. That and there was just plain great light there. Here are a few ‘landscape-y’ type photos I took while I was there. The final panorama is a composite of five images and, as a result, can be printed very large. In case anyone was wondering, or needing something for the mantle or what-not. Just throwing that out there.


2012 Monster Mini CDE

Please click above to see a selection of photos from the 2012 Monster Mini CDE held January 14 & 15, 2012. I have more photos of everyone so let me know if you would like to see them.

The weekend was cold and windy, but it didn’t stop the minis and their drivers from strutting their stuff. Everyone seemed to have a good time and minis continue to show that they are capable and increasingly attractive to driving enthusiasts.

More Pony Worlds – Cones

Cute dog!Cones at LipicaPeter KouxWendy O'BrienWoutera van de Kamp - The NetherlandsPonies so cute!Marco FruendLars DauGold medal in the Pony PairsMia AlloDobrovitz Jr won conesAart van de KampPeter SchenkTinne BaxJan de BoerToo bad these wouldn't fit in my suitcase Bram ChardonGold medal for pony teamsI am super sad this photo is blurry but am posting anyway!

Cones photos from the Pony Worlds in Slovenia… Have one more batch of photos, maybe I will post them before 2012 !?! 🙂